Increase Awareness and Increase the Ability to Change


The clients that work with us  are looking for something different.  Different results, different actions, different structures.  It would be easy to problem solve from those places.  When we increase our awareness of the  identity of the group, we can start to understand why the system is perfectly designed to get the results it is getting.  It is from this place that we start our conversation.  How does an individual, team or organization see itself and what impact is that identity having on the system and results?  What shift is looking to happen and what does it mean to tend to this shift with consciousness and intentionality?  This is the conversion we design and partner with you to conduct.  Through dialogue and inquiry, we can see things from a systems lens and work to understand the very nature of the shift that is dying to happen;  for the individual, the team and/or organization.  We can then be discerning about where we focus attention and use it more effectively, efficiently and with greater consciousness and awareness.  


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Thoughts on work, teams, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership, vulnerability, culture, authenticity, mindfulness, humanity, cats, (just wrote that to see if you were paying attention, I promise not to blog about cats), and other reflections on the inner work, outer work, and working and living on purpose.


We bring the art and discipline of reflection and inquiry back into the system so we can slow down to speed up.  We work with leaders of teams and organizations to optimize their potential by unleashing the potential in the system and culture.