Free Resources

I’ve made it my life’s work to create the right environment for cultures to flourish. I’ve been a student of designing change for more than twenty-five years. During that time and through trial and error, I’ve learned what works when you’re setting the stage for productive conversations, organizational change, and building community.

Now I’d love to share that knowledge with you. I look forward to adding free resources in the coming months to help you with the amazing work you’re doing in your own organizations. Until then, please enjoy the initial installments!


How we talk to ourselves has an impact on how we show up in the world. Tina explores how and why, and some questions to ask yourself so you can better choose your words—and in so doing choose your life.


Meeting agendas provide a checklist of what needs to be addressed. Meeting designs foster creativity, openness, and true collaboration. Here's how to design your next meeting.