Living Lifeon Purpose

Join us as an individual or as a team to identify what matters most to you and how to live a life in alignment with your values. You’ll co-create a detailed roadmap for your coming year; gain clarity on how you want to spend your energy, time, and attention; and tap into facilitated support from coaches and a community for twelve months.

TeamEffectiveness &Transformation

New or changing teams participate in six-month cycles of transformation: each cycle consists of monthly dialogues and developmental experiences to increase trust and psychological safety, improve candor and healthy conflict, and accelerate team effectiveness. Plus-One Journeys are part of this process.

A team of people laughing and working together


CultureChange &Transformation

Team Effectiveness Journeys are custom designed in partnership with you to create and foster the culture change you're looking for. For instance, Journeys can be two-week POD sprints to create immediate cross-collaboration results and boost trust, or a Keepers of the Flame process to prompt much-needed change.