A Look at Purpose for the Eyes, Ears, and Soul

I’m obsessed with purpose. With living life on purpose. With working and leading on purpose. With being purposeful and aligned with our values, our time, and our attention. With what gives our life and work meaning. And how we can create safe and meaningful connections at work.  Marcus Buckingham’s Love and Work is a terrific read and an even…

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Inspiration for the Creator In Every One of Us

Channeling your inner creativity can be hard when you’re not feeling inspired, are mentally drained, or simply are responding to the wrong input. In light of the mental well-being topics I’ve covered recently, it felt like great timing to recommendThe Creative Act, a terrific bestseller by Rick Rubin, who provides food for the heart and…

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A photo of the book News York Times Bestseller Breath, the New Science of a Lost Art, by James Nestor

Welcome to My Series: What I’m Reading

If you and I have exchanged emails, you know I like to share what I’m currently reading in my email signature. Many of the books I share not only inform my work but often transform how I look at life. When friends and colleagues tell me they love getting a glimpse of what I’m learning,…

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