Making This Connection Will Change the Way You Lead

If I were to name the one book that had the single biggest impact on my life and leadership, it would be Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I was fortunate enough to have been given this book as a first-time leader. I vividly remember how profound it was for me to think about…

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Have My Rituals Turned into Routines? What’s the Difference?

I have always found travel to be a portal for wonder and a reboot of my own ability to feel awe. A change of scenery—especially out of the country—shakes my reality and reminds me how small I am and how little I know. I’m in Mexico City in this picture, taking a much-needed break in…

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Tina's cat wearing the first scarf that her friend Doug taught her to knit.

Third Time’s a Charm: How I Learned to Knit During Covid

I went to a class years ago. I just didn’t get it. My mother-in-law sat down to teach me while she was visiting from England, and as soon as she left, I forgot everything I learned. Then, somehow, after a friend later encouraged me, I watched a video by Staci Perry and the light bulb…

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