Breaking the Control Habit: Discovering Freedom in Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance: accepting reality as it is, without judgment or resistance. Acceptance of all of it: not partial or conditional. I was having a conversation with a dear client yesterday who shared that he was practicing radical acceptance with a recent experience. Two hours earlier at my yoga class, someone said to another student, “I’m…

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Feeling a Wave of Stress? Try a Technique That Works for Me

In a recent LinkedIn post, I wrote about how anxiety and stress often come in waves, making it challenging for me to manage. I find that containing it is often necessary so I can work, but “stuffing it” ends up forming cracks and leaks that cause “flooding.” And when we flood, the nervous system is on…

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Anxious or Stressed? Try What Patch Adams Knew Best.

Did you know that children laugh eight times more frequently when they are with another child than when they’re watching a cartoon on their own? That’s the case even if they thought the cartoon was just as funny in both instances. One study reports that children laugh on average three hundred times a day. I’m…

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Want to Feel Better? Don’t Ignore This Life Skill.

I don’t know about you, but I regularly struggle with setting boundaries for myself. I say yes before I even think about the impact of taking on that work or responsibility. I go along to get along, even though there’s often a toll on me, and I can “silver-line” everything to stay positive and focus…

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How Do You Get Unstuck? 3 Tested Approaches for Work and Life

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” A common sentiment, especially when you’re stuck before you’ve even begun. We’ve all been there. So much so that we’ve named the dilemma. Writers get blocked, athletes have the yips, and creatives often lack inspiration. What can we do to get unstuck? I recently…

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Why Mental Health Deserves More Than One Month

I’ve been working with teams and organizations for almost my entire career, and I can’t remember a time when helping leaders work through their self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience-building capabilities was more important. The pressure to do more with less and continue to meet targets while everyone tries to recover physically, mentally, and psychologically from the…

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Happiness Has a New Curve: Life (and Work) Gets Better in Your Fifties

We have an outdated understanding of our life stages, according to The Happiness Curve author Jonathan Rauch. Most of us think we grow and learn during childhood and adolescence, enjoy our twenties and thirties, experience a midlife crisis in our forties, and then begin a slow decline during our fifties and beyond. In reality, new…

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Keeping the Mental Health Conversation Front and Center

You might be familiar with a documentary called Stutz, which was produced by actor, comedian, and filmmaker Jonah Hill. He was intent on telling the story about the life-changing impact that his therapist had on his life, and reviews say Stutz heartwarmingly underscores the importance of an active focus on your mental health. The subject…

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Group of colleagues standing at long black desk, having a casual meeting.

Join Me in the Conversation

The world of work has changed dramatically since I started my career, but what hasn’t changed is my belief that systems thinking and alignment with your purpose matter—and with the increasingly complex environment in which we live, effectively blending these two priorities matters even more today. I’m so fortunate to work with hundreds of leaders…

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A portrait of Thomas Hübl, one of Tina's greatest teachers.

Helpful Advice on Exhaustion from One of My Teachers

One of my greatest teachers taught me about trauma. Thanks to Thomas Hübl, I grew to understand how stored trauma in our body affects our nervous system, our health, and our reactions to the world around us. The last two years of social, political, and economic unrest have introduced and revealed so many layers of…

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