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The world of work has changed dramatically since I started my career, but what hasn’t changed is my belief that systems thinking and alignment with your purpose matter—and with the increasingly complex environment in which we live, effectively blending these two priorities matters even more today.

I’m so fortunate to work with hundreds of leaders who are purposeful in creating psychologically safe environments and who value team-effectiveness practices. These leaders commit to a process and a practice, not boxes to check. They show up and do the work, even when it feels awkward or vulnerable, and they’re consistent and dedicated to creating meaningful connections at work. They get that this isn’t “soft stuff” but that it’s about the stuff that affects the bottom line. They have the results to prove it too.

With all that’s going on in the world, people need an anchor to ground their day—a purpose that gives meaning to the work they do. I believe that work can be a place where we talk about individual purpose and values. I wake up every day with the “soul” purpose of helping leaders build cultures where it is safe to take interpersonal risks and where emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills are taught and valued.

Work can be a place of community, an interdependent ecosystem that cares for the hearts and minds of those employed as we care for our customers and communities.

I want to talk about this more. I want to make more space for these types of conversations. I want to sit on the stoop with you and many others and have meaningful conversations and do meaningful work together.

I want to make way more space for Living Life on Purpose: a two-day exploration of what really matters to us in life and at work. Imagine a world of work where a leader actually makes time for this important dialogue with her team. Where one of the most important strategic priorities is to understand what matters most to each of her team members, to share our values and limiting beliefs, and to support each other in being in alignment with what matters most. To create space for her team to talk about it, together, in community so team members can lift each other up and do great and hard things together at work.

Just imagine…

I hope you’ll join me in the conversation as we talk about these themes and more in upcoming newsletter issues and on my website. If this opening message has already spurred some thoughts, I encourage you and thank you in advance for sharing.

Welcome to The Soul Purpose community. #stooplife

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