Fuel Your Renewal Every Season with 12 Reflective Questions

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I like to start each season by reflecting on a set of twelve questions that help me be more deliberate about capturing what I’ve learned and applying those learnings toward the new season. Here are some questions you might consider using to begin spring with intentionality:

  1. My intention for the spring season is…
  2. Where and how do I want to invest and put my energy this spring?
  3. How can I show up for myself more?
  4. How do I want to live my days? How do I want to feel?
  5. How would I like others to describe my vibe when they interact with me?
  6. What is my body needing most from me?
  7. What support do I need in the next 90 days? Who can help me?
  8. What wants to be expressed through me?
  9. What am I ready for now that I wasn’t this winter?
  10. What is my intuition or inner guide directing me and encouraging me toward?
  11. What weeds need to be pulled from my life garden? My physical space? My relationships? My inner thoughts? My health? My finances?
  12. What parts of my life garden need more water and will continue to need more water?

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