Is Your Gratitude Blooming? Try This Meaningful Gesture

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One of my favorite activities with teams and clients in the spring is to use Gratitude Blooming Cards to connect with nature, practice reflection, and express gratitude to one another. I give each client team member their own deck and often either a plant, flower, or gardening kit that we use on the spot. It’s a wonderful way to share reflections on what words like patience, healing, beautiful sadness, and self-care mean to us. This is a beautiful and very inexpensive meaningful gift for family, friends, and a team that connects people with nature, with each other, and with their inner world.

I’m delighted to share that these cards were created by my dear friends years ago. Their passion for cultivating a meaningful connection through art inspired the creation of their purpose-driven, minority-owned small business and artist collective. They have brought the cards to many of our gatherings and events, and we’ve shared so many meaningful conversations because of them. Check them out here if you’d like to learn more. The owners have kindly provided a promotion code “soulpurpose” for a 10 percent discount on your purchases.

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