An Essential “Playbook” to Unlock What You Want in Life

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With longer days, it’s a great time of year to shed extra light on what matters most to us and implement changes and habits that keep us aligned and healthy. Last month with friends, I started doing the exercises in The Life Brief. Some have said this is the book you should read after James Clear’s Atomic Habits. According to author Bonnie Wan, The Life Brief is a three-step practice that helps you realign your path with your dreams—personally, professionally, culturally, and spiritually. She challenges you to break through the clutter and create a life that is wholly your own.

Here’s an excerpt from the book jacket: We all have moments when we doubt the path we’re on. Am I in the right relationship? Is this the career for me? Is this as good as it gets? These questions can feel uncomfortable without a method for uncovering the answers.

Me and my gal pals discussing The Life Brief over dumplings!

The Life Brief is a simple yet effective playbook for navigating life’s decisions, crossroads, and curveballs. Modeled after the creative brief, a tool used by the most innovative companies in the world to unlock clarity and unleash action, The Life Brief carves a path for living with intention and imagination.

Designed by award-winning brand strategist Bonnie Wan, The Life Brief is a practice in three parts: The first phase, Get Messy, is a set of open-ended writing prompts that cut through limiting beliefs and false assumptions about what’s possible. The second phase, Get Clear, guides you to crystal clarity so you can declare what you truly, deeply want. The third phase, Get Active, catapults you into the steps to making your desires real.

Reading tip: Take your time and don’t try to finish in a week or even a month. The process takes time and deserves it.  I highly recommend that you go “old school” and WRITE, not type or use an Apple pen. Treat yourself to a new notebook and pen, and keep all your notes and work in one place.

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