Tina DeSalvo

Tina DeSalvo

Tina desalvo

Tina started her career by  working for the S&H Green Stamp company right out of college; helping Fortune 100 companies create motivation programs for their employees.  She was fascinated with why people chose the work they do and the companies they chose to work for.  From there, she took over as Chief Culture Officer and dedicated her career to learning how to optimize and build cultures that allow employees and leaders to do their best work.  She has been working with small and large companies across the globe for 25 years.  The best complement Tina ever received from a client was, "You're not a typical consultant are you?   I trust you so much I don't even think of you as a consultant.  You're a partner, a friend, and I've never met someone that made it so safe so quickly to do hard and vulnerable work."

education & Pursuits

  • Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Teacher

  • Dialogos/MIT founded Leadership for Collective Intelligence Graduate; Associate of Dialogos for 6 years

  • Reclaiming Higher Ground/Secretan Center Graduate

  • Enneagram and Jungian Psychology Trained

  • Insights Discovery Certified

  • Devoted meditator and mindfulness practioner for over 25 years

  • Founder and Developer of the Living & Leading Life on Purpose Program

  • Participant in Meditate & Mediate Co-Lab: a global community learning to transform conflict and heal trauma; with William Ury and Thomas Hubl


Passions and purpose

Seeing the world through a systems thinking lens is our passion and helping organizations see and leverage their potential through understanding identity and culture is our purpose.  Supporting leaders to increase their self-awareness, emotional intelligence and conscious action is the reason we wake up every day. Consider our role as the Chief Abundance Officer: holding individuals, leaders, communities and groups accountable for bringing their genius into the world at full capacity.