Being in alignment with yourself means knowing what you value and what is most important to you.  It means being clear on your vision, your limiting beliefs, the roles you play in your life, and who has your back:   your posse.

Photo by Choreograph/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Choreograph/iStock / Getty Images

Living LIfe on purpose for teams & individuals:

The Living Life on Purpose journey is an extraordinary two days of exploring together, what it means it means to live life with conscious intention, purpose and choice.  We offer public retreats and corporate team retreats for an intact team.  Doing this as a team allows team members to support each other through the process and learn together.  It's an incredible way of building the container on the team and strengthening relationships.  We take time to pause, reflect, put our phones down and look up at the world, at each other and within.  Our sessions are always in a location that allows us to utilize nature and our surroundings as part of the journey.  You will get plenty of time to walk, enjoy fresh air and blue sky, and relax.    Our corporate sessions provide a teacher guide for the  team to keep the learning alive for a year.  Through this journey, lives change, individuals are more engaged and inspired, and teams walk out more empowered and collectively intelligent.  They are ready for bigger things....for themselves and for their organization.

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Photo by lzf/iStock / Getty Images

this day and a half session

is designed to walk the group/team through 11 thought provoking questions that allow greater understanding of what it means to be aligned and in integrity with oneself and one's work.  Through reflection, coaching, small group and large group discussions, breakouts, walks in nature, and time outside, each person walks away with a plan.  The plan consists of a life map that includes the person's top values, the roles that are most prominent in their lives this year, goals for each role, a committed focus role, new beliefs to change patterns of limiting beliefs, identification of a posse of people that are there to support in times of need, and a triad - a group of three people that will stick together for the year to support each other in staying in alignment.  Each person is given a workbook (and other surprises) and we gather quarterly on video to continue the conversation, connection and learning.  We also provide individual coaching after the session if interested.   

The details

Timing:   Day one starts at 9am and ends at 5pm.  Day two starts at 830 am and ends by 3pm .  We ask that everyone be respectful of these timings and not leave early as the process requires 11 steps and it takes the full amount of time to finish all steps. 

Our next public course will be August 24-25 in Northern CA. Location:  Locations are carefully selected to ensure that our attendees have immediate access to outdoors, nature, hiking, beauty, healthy food and self care.  We host in locations where we can get out of a typical board room and into spaciousness, quiet, and the outdoors.  

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Pricing:  Pricing for teams  varies depending on number of people.  For public retreats, the cost per person ranges from $550 - $1000 depending on discounts and date of registration.   If additional coaching is requested after the session, we can work with you to determine a most comfortable and right path forward.

Photo by Bartfett/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Bartfett/iStock / Getty Images

The seeds that are planted

during a living life on purpose session put in motion dreams and realities that have been dying to birthed and have been waiting to be nurtured

Here are some experiences from previous attendees:

"Tina has played a significant role in developing me not only as a leader but as a father, husband and all around better person. I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in her incredible program, "Living Life on Purpose". This program is an absolute game changer! It challenges you to think bigger picture and wake up with a clear and exciting purpose. The journey that she takes you on through the retreat is well designed and very thoughtful. It identifies the core of what limits you and then help you break through and begin living life with a much bigger purpose. I've been through many programs, this is by far, one of the best I've been through!" (Enterprise Sales Leader in Fortune 50 Company)

"I recently attended Tina's Living Life on Purpose Retreat. The thing which impressed me immediately is Tina has the ability to create a safe welcoming space which helps foster the ability to enter into the vulnerable places necessary to truly enter into the work necessary to for personal growth. During the time I spent with Tina, her keen insight into the human condition and her honesty helped direct my gaze directly to the spots in need of work so efficiently, that I feel as though she helped me bypass what may have taken me weeks or months to come to on my own. I entered into her session with the pedestrian plan to refine my year's business plan but I left with a whole new outlook on how to approach my life from the largest goals down to the daily routine. I feel much more energized and excited about tackling the hard projects I have in front of me, thanks to her direction and dedication to helping people become their very best. Given the opportunity, I would definitely work with her again." (Founder and Chicago Start Up)

Tina DeSalvo is our Division's executive coach/mentor and Chief Mindfulness Officer. The magnitude of impact that Tina's sessions have individually or in a group are just PROFOUND. Recently Tina facilitated a session for my Sr.Dir and Director team in Carmel,CA. Everyone of us walked away with a deep impact that is still being felt. Tina and her capable team are thoughtful; have deep insight into today's dynamic world and keenly aware of human needs and seamlessly blend the three elements creating a tight container for personal and professional growth. #grateful (Vice President of Engineering, Fortune 100 Silicon Valley)